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Phalen_Saulk (Saulk)
Earned "Nooblet Troll" 3/14/2011 7:43 PM
Welcome to the Council of the Drum
Khor'trath Keep sits snug in the hillocks of Azshara, where it watches over the brooding ocean that will soon spawn Deathwing the Destroyer. Gathered by the danger of the coming Cataclysm, the company that has come together in Khor'trath will stand against whatever dangers come. If you have come here, you heed the call of the drum.

Council of the Drum, Out of Character
The Council of the drum is many things. Born as a roleplaying guild, we also focus on socializing, leveling, and instancing. We hope to be involved in raiding soon as well.
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Required Message to All Guild Members

Phalen_Saulk, Mar 16, 11 3:43 PM.

The clip above is just for entertainment, the serious stuff is below, so please keep on reading.

Good evening, Guildies.

Before I begin this, let me say that I rarely, rarely do what I am about to do. In fact, this is the first time that I have ever done such a thing. This is the first time that I want what is written here to feel like it is a personal conversation, and a personal appeal, while at the same time making sure that it is very clear the seriousness I have behind it. 

So, once more, good evening. When you're done reading this you are going to be letting me know. If I am online (Saulk, Nizeldorne, Ordynn, or Lochlann), then it can be in a whisper. If I am not, then it should be in an in game mail. If I don't receive it, and you've been on within 72 hours, then I will be deleting you from the guild. Yes, there, I said it. Harsh stuff out of the way, but it is vital that everyone reads and knows this. If you have multiple characters, you may simply tell me who they are and if you are reading this late, do not worry. I am keeping track of when people log on. 

Our guild, and all guilds will have issues that need to be worked through. Work, however, can only occur when all parties are aware of what is needed. I am writing this to be as abundantly clear as I can be. With the new change in guild mechanics, many things have changed, and while we have and will continue to adapt with the times, we must recognize where we are coming from to know where we are going.

We have always advertised as a mature guild. We have always been a mature guild. We have advertised as a drama free guild, and we have always been a drama free guild. That will continue. There are some reading this who need to understand very clearly that I am not putting an age limit in place, and I have no desire to do so, but if the blatant and continuous lack and scorn for maturity continues, I will act accordingly. There are some reading this as well who know that there is a tendency for them to become embroiled in drama where none is necessary. Once again, I will act accordingly. 

To quote a phrase I have heard many use, I pay my money the same as everyone else for this game, and I am entitled to enjoy myself as much as anyone else. When I feel like I do not even want to log on on account of what problems may come, there is something drastically wrong. And I am just a symbol of the problem at large.

We are also a roleplaying guild. End of story. Due to pressure from various things, I have endeavoured to be flexible and to give everyone the opportunity to do the things that they want, and will continue to do so. I am not going to "forbid" PvP, but we are not a PvP guild, nor am I going to forbid Raiding, but we are not a raiding guild. If you don't know how to RP, learn. I am a teacher in real life...if you think it's difficult for me to step back into that role in game, you are mistaken. If I know you want, truly want help, I am glad to provide it but...see above. It is your game, and you are entitled to play as you see fit.

With regards to the same note on roleplaying, I must be clear on another point for which I can make no apology. My guild is a solid year (nearly two) old and some of our players have been together for that full time. There are storylines that are in play, and they have been worked on for that time. If you want in, ask. If you want to make a new one, make a new one. But recognize that some of our characters have been the product of long, long amounts of work, and to devalue that because there are new additions seems like a betrayal. 

There are long standing members, and there are new members, and everyone was the latter and one point and will be the former. Storylines are the product of craft, creation, and attention and while they are inviting, they do exist. Also, the craft, creation, and attention extends to the detail in which we put a story. Roleplaying happens in the guild chat, which represents our guild hall. Discussing "face to face" is fine, but there is never any obligation to do so. 

The bottom line, and I know I've talked a lot, is that there has got to start being some respect for traditions, and the established customs of this guild, or else the guild will not be meaningful. I have a duty I do not like, and I do not want from this point forward and it is to "put my money where my mouth is" and defend this statement. I am going to ask for your help in doing so, but I understand that sometimes my goal will put us at odds. My decision in that case will be to remove the problem so it does not affect the guild. 

I hope I have been clear, and a reminder in bullet form of how to respond to me.

- Within 72 Hours of logging on, you must whisper me in game or send a mail acknowledging that you've read these and understand them

- If you have not done so within 72 hours of signing on (or giving me a list of who your characters are so I don't delete them), you will be removed from the guild

- If you are removed in such a fashion, I will take anything you put into the guild bank (as listed on the info tab) and return them to you


Congratulations to Sohmee!

Phalen_Saulk, Oct 10, 10 8:44 AM.
The Council of the Drum would like to congratulate Sohmee on receiving the Loremaster title. It was a hard road, and it is a startling achievement. Now, Sohmee, will you be going on for the Seeker? 

The Summer's End Event - Sunday

Phalen_Saulk, Aug 28, 10 8:16 AM.
It's the end of summer. Many of us are losing a good deal of our playing time due to work, school, etc. so we wanted to do something special. Hence....

The Summer's End Favour-a-thon!

Between 12 noon and 12 midnight server time, if you want something ask in guild chat and someone will pitch in and help. Want a dungeon run? Simply need to ask. Want to go for some obscure achievement, ask. Sohmee has generously volunteered to help with cooking and beverage related achievements. Profession assistance can be given, and alot of fun will be had. Join us to see summer out right!

(Disclaimer: We've decided that the one thing that can't be asked for is money. That doesn't work for us :] )

Hope to see you!


Raiding / Dungeoneering Reaching Epic Heights

Phalen_Saulk, Aug 3, 10 7:51 PM.
The Council of the Drum has been completing several raid instances, including our first of the "current" raids - Naxxramas, Arachnid Quarter. It was a rousing success, in which we had some guests (Special Thanks to Athon and Dok) and we ended up going for the attempt with one person missing off the ten-person raid!

We have also beaten Karazhan again in record time, and will be heading to Magister's Terrace on Heroic this evening!

Congratulations to all of our players; great things are happening here!

Saulk has started to actually edit the website

Phalen_Saulk, Jun 22, 10 10:04 AM.
After a year of complete inactivity and the vain hope that someone else would make this happen for him, Saulk has started to work on the guild site. Expect more inept attempts at modifying stuff as the weeks progress ;]
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